Pandera - cecilia

<[machine> ɡən keli: <]>
luk, ai didənt pauər θru ðə strʌɡəl
ǰəst tə let ə litəl trʌbəl, nɑk mi aut əv mai pəzišən
ənd intərəpt ðə vižən
æftər evriθiŋ ai witnəst, æftər ɔl əv ðiz dəsižənz
ɔl ðiz mailz, <feets>, inčəz
ðei kænt æd ʌp tə ðə distəns
ðət ai həv bin θru, ǰəst tə ɡet tu
ə pleis hweᵊr ivən if ðerz nou kloužə, aim stil seif
ai stil eik frəm traiiŋ tə kip peis
sʌmbɑdi ɡiv mi ə sain, aim stɑrtiŋ tə luz feiθ

 · For many Americans, the lasting images of Hurricane Harvey will come from Houston: towering highway...

One of the things that Abbott really seriously wanted was for us to pay special attention to the smaller areas and least populated areas, and make sure none of those were overlooked, Sharp said in an interview. Im from probably the second\-smallest town in the whole impacted area, so Im really sensitive to that kind of thing. **ICYMI: [Viewing the destruction in Rockport](http:///news/state\-\-regional/truck\-comes\-back\-life\-rockport/Ku79DGuyZffYuRVc0y906H/).** Sharp said he has activated A&Ms AgriLife Extension Service, which has an employee already living in every county in the disaster area, to coordinate recovery efforts outside Harris County, where his governmental relations team will take the lead. The AgriLife employees, whose usual jobs is to inform farmers about the latest agricultural technology and research, will help local officials apply for aid and report back to state leaders on areas that havent been served, Sharp said. Their job is to talk to the county judge, to the impacted people, school superintendents, whoever it is that needs help, and relay that to the office that we have here, Sharp said. They shadow those local folks. They tell us whats going on on the ground. The American\-Statesman visited three small towns stretching from Central Texas to Matagorda Bay where residents are recovering from historic flooding. Coming next week: A report from three coastal towns devastated by wind damage as Harvey hit shore.

Pandera - Cecilia