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Products. Shock absorbers, fluid dampers, shock isolators, liquid springs, hydropneumatic springs, crane buffers, crane bumpers, earthquake protection technology ...

One week later, Ocelot was ordered by the CIA to aid Naked Snake in Operation Snake Eater , in which The Boss , the Cobra Unit , and the threat of the Shagohod were to be eliminated, while also retrieving the Philosophers' Legacy for the American branch of the Philosophers . However, before Ocelot could meet up with Snake, a Chinese spy posing as EVA , pretended to help Snake in his mission while secretly plotting to take the Philosophers' Legacy herself for the Philosophers in China . Ocelot decided to keep his identity as ADAM a secret and aided Snake covertly. Throughout the mission, Ocelot and Snake shared a mutual rivalry and fought on several occasions. On the first occasion, after Snake again neutralized his unit at Rassvet, Ocelot attempted to lure Snake over to the area where he had captured EVA, and revealed that, following Snake's earlier advice, he had switched to using the a Single Action Army revolver, and then attempted to shoot Snake. However, he failed to realize that he had wasted all of his shots due to the SAA carrying fewer bullets than the Makarov, and EVA escaped in the process, after which Snake explained Ocelot's folly. Snake allowed a humiliated Ocelot to escape, allegedly because he was "still young," although it was actually because he had taken a liking to him.

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