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 · As we all know, everything has two sides. So the subway is also. Let me tell you about its strengths and weaknesses. Strengths: fast The maximum ...

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January 13, 2018 Saturday at 7:20PM New Haven, CT. Subway at 926 Chapel and Temple St. I patronize Subway all the time. On this cold night, I and my great- nephew was waiting for the bus over an hour. So I and my great-nephew walked across the street to Subway to get out the cold. As soon as we walked in the young guy behind the counter asked “Can I help you” I said no. William whom the police said was his name said to us in a hostile tone then you have to leave. I replied that I patronize Subway all the time. William said get out and I said call the police or I will call myself. William walked from behind the counter with a bottle of liquid , then swung the entrance door open telling us to get out. I had my back towards him when he began spraying liquid on me. Then the Police walked in and told me that I cannot stand in Subway if not purchasing anything.
I told the officer that I patronize Subway all the time. Officer asked if the customer Service asked me to leave and I said yes. The police said I could be arrested for standing in
Subway and not purchasing anything called loitering. Police asked if I ever been arrested before , I said never been arrested and do not have a record. I asked the officer if I could press charges against William (don’t know his last name ,officer couldn’t pronounce it).
for assault. Officer asked if I got hurt, I said no but I do not know what he has in the bottle.
Officer asked for my which I gave to him. Officer talked to William then officer called
me away from my great nephew saying that if I don’t purchase anything at the particular time I cannot stand in Subway and can be arrested for loitering. officer went on to tell me that I was banned from Subway at 926 Chapel and Temple st. because William did not want me there. If I go in Subway at 926 Chapel St. New Haven, I will be arrested. Fire William, No people skills, need training in customer service, bad for your business. I work everyday with the homeless population and know how to talk to people. Fire William at 926 Chapel and Temple St. Whose the manager there?

Subway (26) - You Think About MeSubway (26) - You Think About MeSubway (26) - You Think About MeSubway (26) - You Think About Me